The United Nations (UN) Corruption Is The Ultimate Betrayal Of Public Trust, TrulyUN Wants To Help Expose It

Founded in 1945 as an international cooperation forum for member governments ostensibly to promote peace, justice, and better living for all mankind, The United Nations failed to remedy problematic issues of the day while exacerbating them. Meanwhile, the organization’s (de-) evolution into an unaccountable, predatory, and self-serving agency for global governance aimed at influencing foundation-level internal workings of member countries has been well documented.



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TrulyUN Is Your Guide To United Nations Corruption Assessment

Is the UN corrupt? States parties, civil servants and public officials worldwide are often just as flummoxed as average citizens to learn these realities. commits to promoting truth and better ideas, harnessing the strength of each individual ethnic state or group and in the attainment of the UN’s original goals and reducing corrupt influence in public affairs, deterring the private sector transnational organized crime UN corruption encourages, and ensuring the preservation of responsibility of self-governance.

‘In the little world in which children have their existence whosoever brings them up, there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt as injustice’. Charles Dickens.

The McCarthy Plan

What is the McCarthy Plan?

The McCarthy Plan is the road map to ending all wars of aggression between nations forever, and for all nations to be good stewards of the natural habitat of their nation forever.

The death grip held on humanity’s true potential by a small group of determined, deceptive people, assisted and empowered by selected fellow travellers found among the elite of all nations has become increasingly obvious to a rapidly growing number of regular people who are awakening to this reality worldwide.

The World’s nations, many still to be actualised, configured, or re-configured will achieve symbiotic synergy greater than the sum of the parts when the good, wise and virtuous people in every society are elevated to the command and control of human destiny.   Such leadership is necessary to correct the errors of the past and present and realise a better future for all. Fortunately, it is possible.

The McCarthy Plan is the vision of the founder of the Truly United Nations organisation, Michael McCarthy,  known as Vision 2020, recorded in the year 2020 of the Christian calendar.

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The United Nations Corruption Convention FOR (for, not against…)

Where and how is the United Nations Convention Against Corruption positively effecting or affecting the state parties currently warring in Ukraine? The open profligacy of many corrupt state parties in concert with private sector interests and the conspicuous absence of any UN influence indicates stunning levels of corruption in the United Nations.

How Corrupt Is The UN?

It is all about money, and despite UN talking sessions recognizing the need to control the damage, from Africa to South America to SE Asia, the pervasive examples of organized networks of grand corruption go unchecked, where funds earmarked for public health or social programs or transport are eventually traced to the bank accounts of the criminal elite. Perpetrators are never held responsible and victims are denied remedies—United Nations corrupt private sector actors instead of alleviating any of the above.

For The UN, Corruption Is At The Heart Of The United Nations At All Levels

The Oil-for-Food scandal in Iraq brought to light in 2005 shows how the UN themselves were not only responsible for increasing the cost of humanitarian goods to the Iraqi people by over 300% but also for selling Iraqi oil to a spectrum of nefarious actors including BCCI bankers, Afghan terrorists and many others working against any groups commonly considered ‘civil society’. But many even larger scandals within the UN have erupted since then, the inner workings of which are not nearly as transparent, but are ultimately more obviously dangerous.

TrulyUN Exists to Expose Corruption In The United Nations

Despite the many glaring examples of UN corruption and affronts to civil society –from money laundering to failed asset recovery, from a failed peer review mechanism to failure staunching illicit financial flows and increased transnational organized crime– the organization remains sacrosanct in some quarters and the United Nations Convention against corruption the only international legally binding anti-corruption instrument. How could such corruption in the UN possibly be?